Eternal Lines

Believing in eternity is laborious

Fear of nothingness and uncertainty

Prefer to be fooled by time

Going back and forth- time and again 

Schooled meticulously

To gloat over the perpetual busyness

Errands with no purpose

Lanes that creepily intrude on journey

Cunningly loitering around  

Losing possession of precious breath

Inhaling the insipid lies 

Fair comparison isn’t fair anymore 

Weathering the clichés

It’s an invasion of perpetual turmoil

Eternal lines look blurry


17 thoughts on “Eternal Lines

      1. I can completely understand, we writers and poets sometimes cannot fathom the rush of emotions… jokhon likhi ekta pagalpan, but when we read it at a latter time, it really surprises, that’s the beauty of literature. 🙂

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  1. One view of eternity, is that it is never ending time. Never ending this. In such a view, as alluded to in your poem, such an existence is turmoil. What does one do for a million years, if another million years awaits? How could unending time be filled?

    Another view of eternity is that it is a time without time. It is the ever presence of now. As time is considered to be a dimension, it would be an existence outside of the dimension. This view in some sense is more comforting than the first, but still is confusing as it is not the way humanity exists. What does “now” feel like?

    There are of course other views, such as eternity being a cycle, as alluded to in your poem. Each one could be contemplated to great extent.


    1. The day you stop defining eternity and doubting the purpose of life (by quantifying or comparing it with just human consciousness) you will comprehend the continuity (eternity) of life. It’s a constant seeking and the answer will be with you when your mind is prepared to listen.


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