It is the whispers that stir the clam surfaces of emotions Initial quaver tries to reach the ground that settled to retire prematurely Calm flow contradicting the undercurrent of untold stories A temporary seclusion forced by the conscious drift through this reality Finding refuge in the derelict part of a forgotten territory Beggared soul still wishes for the simple opulence of truth Soft whispers echo the … Continue reading Whispers

Certain Realisations

Oh! Now you fiddle with the moments that you let go A realisation takes shape within; uncomforting and ghostly shadows That threatens to swallow the feeble reasoning Wipe off the beads of sweat, flick them with nonchalance Feel the wetness of troubles that seems too daunting at present Fingers rubbing against each other, trying to wipe off the nervousness Walking back towards the memories can … Continue reading Certain Realisations