Some Dreams

When the mind pauses to experience nothingness Cradled in a dream moment Everything vanishes from this part of reality Without permission from worldly desires Noises funnel down to a barely audible whisper Taste of sleep brings along this prevailing calm Muffled songs can be heard by the soul This is a world echoing with prayers Such grandeur around the world of nothingness Hours are erased … Continue reading Some Dreams

Visible Anarchy

Torrential reflections create a vulgar scenario of chaos From transcendental mirrors emerges the truth Unnecessary obsession with mercenary thoughts Combatting the heavy-handed progress of deployed anarchy Nothing is substantial amidst the unrealistic fury Poltroons fail to articulate the real desires convincingly Nursing the repeated failures with numbing lotions Temporary comfort nudges the soul to retreat to a corner Invisibility of spirit eases the influencing of minds … Continue reading Visible Anarchy