That which encircles the soul can incarcerate the truth  Satirising freedom with a movement of fearmongering Losing the self to take a circuitous way; a journey uncontrollable Cursory sentiments essay an analytical view of existence Dysfunctional connection, but a marvellous ploy to engage Forfeiting without realising, while foregoing the essential ~Amitav Continue reading Encircling

The Blank

Not all blank spaces can be filled by desired feelings They exist to bridge the journey towards another destination It takes courage and faith to rely on the unknown Allow the steps to be lighter before embarking on the journey Leave the burden aside, reconcile and move on Try moving closer to the nucleus of consciousness Compose a summary of sincere renunciations Perhaps, the blank … Continue reading The Blank

Frail Reality

Reflections may not look convincing all the time A comprehensive dialogue seems a distant possibility Paranoid heart tries to pull away from clarity A tainted robe looks immaculate and contradicts  The sentiments that are shared does pause Questioning stare scrutinises the fatigued reality Mistrusting the truth while erasing the cause A hypothesis seems dangerous when giving edicts Stirring of uneasiness deep within mirrors frailty ~Amitav Continue reading Frail Reality