Thoughts dart around like flies

Constant buzz encircle the mind relentlessly

Anxious sensors scrutinise new perceptions

Thoughts flow in undulations

A momentary glance is not enough

Reflections transform like magic

Downstream travels the transient images

It’s the trust in cosmic persuasion

It takes immense faith to submerge

Decipher the depths without drowning

Ecstatic freedom bolsters the feeble wings

Stratospheric awakening for the soul

Pure thoughts seek the divine flowers

Enjoying the nectar blissfully

Fear vanquished, it’s a new journey

Immensity of cosmos settles quietly



2 thoughts on “Seeking

  1. So deep. You make me realize that I still have the most beautiful power to serve my readers by this love for writing and blogging. You inspire me to such an extent that words get trivialized before my emotions. Thanks for being a part of the blogosphere, you make it more wonderful!☺

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