A Transformation

Playful winds start a conversation with the incandescent horizon  What conspires, is the onlooker’s dilemma Now is the time for a sprightly day to say adieu to restlessness A momentary pallor is filled with ruddy enthusiasm Warm breeze comes closer to narrate the secret conversation In solitude, watching the retreat of this time through a passage Dreams ignited before night can settle down in soft … Continue reading A Transformation


Lot of precious dreams lost among the worried greens Unfamiliar tone of caprice penetrate through in agile rhythm Emotions undulate nervously at the face of change Futile attempt to pray for wings before an imminent drift Azure have been lit up with cosmic flames with intensity Vain wishes and the perpetual fantasy start dwindling Journeying without the knowledge of a sincere trajectory Invitation from the nadir world … Continue reading Unmindful