With Flowers

Flowers are emotions in ecstasy Enthusiastic colours communicate  Appearing with transient dreams Eyes open in amazement Desires to witness soul of nature Feel the sudden magic of aroma Adorning the senses Eloquent smiles composing beauty Eyes feel their presence While heart is in meditative bliss ~Amitav Continue reading With Flowers


Mind runs towards the clouds of imprisoned thoughts An escapism inspired by the gullible heart Choosing to fly away with submissive desires – seeking compensation Through denial, and inflicting those ideas on untouched souls Demons spawn diabolical rituals in connivance with Spirit of Dark Stepping on one’s own destruction and decorating the heart with shards Bragging about the comfort of unleashing pain Ripping the canvas … Continue reading Desecrated


Eyes scream; witnessing the fragmented images of Earth Disoriented shards threaten to pierce the bubble  Anticipating such a catastrophe through stringent vigil Clarity pushes an era of gloom towards the precipice Feud has created innumerable abysses across existence Loneliness and sinister ambitions influenced desires Trying to gauge another human with abhorrent glances Hollowness created a ruckus with lusty eagerness Abysses are staring greedily at those … Continue reading Chasm

Between Thoughts

Perceptions hold thoughts in a suspended reality Transparent minds are breached with malevolent lights Feeble attempt to cover the face with hands While emotions trickle down the spaces between fingers Embrace can be unnerving at times Feet plans a journey as every drop stirs its resolve Before wet ground dissolves unceremoniously  It’s a challenge controlling the mind When mind is saturated with adulterated thoughts ~Amitav Continue reading Between Thoughts


One who knows the pulse of life Unseen hand reassures every little change When it’s time to navigate Through the stream of fluid impressions When transformed by the forces Sky scans the elements to maintain a balance Characteristic of life are dented Where chaos of information prevails Simplified knowledge seems bizarre Obdurate consciousness is a burden Fortifying the mind with ferocious dreams Competitions are lost … Continue reading Guidance

Lost Essence

Rushed by thoughts An unusual transformation of the mind Galloping with nascent energy Funnelled before they can escape Through the narrowness Every idea becomes future’s nemesis Receives critical acclaim from ignorance Decisions of yesteryear Serves similar purpose of maligning  Right does not stand firmly Their weakness bends the spine Feeble voices unworthy of protests Long arms of ignorance Confines the heart in a quandary Time … Continue reading Lost Essence


Breathing with the trees, tranquillity surrounding the soul Camouflaged in green; a feeling of oneness An acknowledgement from the eternal eyes Childhood beckons the adult heart to unburden the denial Of not being accepted because of destructive thoughts Simplicity is complicated enough in a world of conformity Artificial sleep is a detour for the soul  Now it is time to experience dreams of purity Branches nod … Continue reading Wonderment


In a crowd, faces are puzzles  So many different combinations of thoughts Some, we reflect Also, absorbing keenly the unobstructed reflections Intersecting at a space of consideration There is an emptiness which we try fill with reasoning A nervous approach at conclusions The very essence of humanity tilting towards them Sometimes pleasing; mostly a conflict of auras Sensitive portrayal of overzealous brains Lips dangling in … Continue reading Conundrum

A Character

Once spoken, the face flies off Leaving the being without an identity Before being replaced by another Sits uncomfortably  Conflict of interest shapes reality Eyes beg for perceptions Disconcerted hair speaks with the wind Standing near the precipice Bridge starts few inches away from a step Vanishing into the befuddled clouds Egoistic eyes swell with pride Stings of lies swarm from creepy lands Face feels … Continue reading A Character