At a Table

A posture that ignores a constant knock on the door Turning away stubbornly and not to look back again; not even in repentance The hands are burdened with collected memorabilia Wooden table looks forlorn, a frozen quadrupedal looks dumbfounded No more coffee stains and endless gossips about the rations Now, space will be occupied with reclusive stirring of emotions Window will stare at the half-eaten … Continue reading At a Table


Vintage secrets were discussed, only being casually referred Soon to be discarded along with other debris, without any emotion Watch the scaffolding being dismantled by remorseless hands An obvious attempt to muffle the voices that may be contrary to lies Such patronage blatantly erode any attempt at logical stand Emotions drain away silently through the hostile trenches Life’s enthusiasm obsequiously spent in profane pursuits Dreams … Continue reading Chastened