It is difficult keeping pace with the Light Wanderers wade through darkness It takes soul’s inclination to become a pilgrim Departure from the sinful companions An intense struggle in a gloomy world Phantoms are serfs to gratification Inhospitable thoughts crowd the heart A transformation so ghastly Mirror finds a reflection repulsive Unchaste mirrors present an illusion Crafted by the fiendish hands Guided by the strong illusion of … Continue reading Direction


O we stifle Nature with indignant nature Only as far as consciousness can wander Whispering of the forest and valley echoes Fails to reach the senses; false interpretations Have made profound impact on existence Anxious network of incoherent thoughts Sorrowful conflicts and insecurities galore Brittle frames nervously hold afflictions Seeds have not yielded healthy ideas Weak roots and branches helpless Hollowness carved with incisive negativity Echoes the … Continue reading Defiance