Future Times

Words that crawl insignificantly due to lack of space

Rhetoric fueled by magnificently crafted dry sentiments

Cinders glow with false brilliance; there is more to communication

Abbreviated choices cannot yield the true fate

Pen turns away from repulsive ink

Prefers to be dry and sit there in pensive state

Let the blank pages ruminate about nature’s gift

The burrows can hide the words to metamorphose

Dormant times will script a new future


6 thoughts on “Future Times

    1. Something that triggers my imagination and engages the mind- that’s how I write. Each work portray different philosophy, as I write about philosophy too (essays). Vocabulary is an extension of how one seriously engages with a language.

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      1. I agree… But sir, ur poems make me think, to understand the meaning of not only your words but meaning of your poem.. Shouldn’t poems be easy to understand


      2. Poetry tries to explain the inexpressible or uphold those unsaid views of the mind and soul. A poetry can be interpreted from the many meanings and emotions they hold. It’s facets reflect those which we do not see often or overlook. A poetry stays relevant at all times and that’s the triumph of poetry.


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