Distant Realisations

How far the soul is willing to travel

Ignoring the pale surroundings 

To reach for another dream among stars

Convincing the wind for directions

Bringing the distant near the eyes

In hope of adoring celestial magic

Transcending the mortal race

An enchanting journey with pure desire

Of eternal love and beauty


18 thoughts on “Distant Realisations

  1. I appreciate the sentiments expressed in this poem (and of course in others, as always). Wish writing alone could bring a change (*sigh*).
    I have been good this while, rather guilty of not being in touch with humans. 😅

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    1. True, that’s the reason literature is not being read or written these days. Rich literature which has the ability to stay relevant and has real philosophy are passe. So, we have to live with this predicament.
      Hmmm… not in touch with humans. Are you one a secret project of contacting other inhabitants of this Universe. 😀

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      1. I suppose you’re right. I see myself reading lesser contemporary authors and more of classics. Heaven knows what I will do when I run out of classics to read. (Existential crisis, *sigh, again *) 😅

        P. S. Shhh, yes. And to be honest, they are my real people, not Earthlings.

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      2. I have a suggestion, reread them, they will give you new perspective and every time you read them they appear to be new. 🙂
        I can imagine! Earthlings are troubling you? 🙂 Really, it’s not right.

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      3. Rereading does sound like good plan! (Second only to wishing for a literary revolution) 😅

        Earthlings did not spare their mother Earth from trouble, so it is only expected of them to trouble me. A queer folk indeed they are. 🤓

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      4. Right. You would think you’re finally getting a hang of life and BAM!!! plot twist that you’d take years to get over.
        Anyway, good to hear from you, Amitav! Good luck for all that you wish for. 😊

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  2. So, ‘certain realizations’, ‘feeble realizations’ and ‘distant realizations’, do they constitute a trilogy? 😅
    I just binge read your blog and seems like I have missed out on a lot. Hope you have been good. 😊

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    1. The lack of realisation of humanity is disconcerting. It is also true, we shape our reality out of fear and with the idea to extract more from this planet and not because we want to contribute (we have our selfish reasons). We cannot replicate nature or comprehend Universe (how energy behaves) and this has been our collective insecurity which may have been the contributing factor of our instability and volatility (a liability we carry).
      But I am amazed that you have a keen eye and found a pattern; I just write and forget. 🙂 It’s good to hear from you after a long time. How have you been?

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