Destiny Decides

Time has a wry smile when we bow down Eyes wide open but transfixed  Branches of strained nerves connect Hyperbolism diminishes in true reality Tesselated facade reveals undeciphered design Trudging along with the key  An obstinate door refused to open for long Only faint light and few drops of hope Elements meditate on the destiny ~Amitav Continue reading Destiny Decides

Dwelling on Uncertainties

Colour of walls transform according to the prevailing sentiments Shut doors imprison them till they squabble and find answers Changing masks from the choices that are displayed by mirrors Languishing phones do not stir due to lack of messages from the world House becomes busy clicking pictures of every possible mood  Framed reminders in every room as the inhabitants ponder Trying to get hold of … Continue reading Dwelling on Uncertainties

Set in Motion

Quintessential delusion freezes the motion of thoughts Impeding the actions that could have led to a friendship Pulling away the hand prematurely; fear acts as an aphrodisiac Stimulating the mind to form slanderous images Intelligent reasoning arrested by the network of aberrations One who is not at fault is defamed and shoved away With raging eyes evaporates the last drop of wisdom Rapidly vanishing reflection … Continue reading Set in Motion


Reflection of thoughts appear distorted, but reality captured in receding lines of wet floor It’s tempting to walk over the images and splash around to change the canvas Inverted truth plays the role of an astute magician against a monochrome backdrop Sudden shifts are a reality as somewhere wakes up a reservoir of sleeping consciousness Travelling through the faults splitting surfaces of dull appearances, jolting … Continue reading Inverted