Doors with blank stares and contrived promises to keep away strangers Surreptitiously communicate their travails throughout the busy days Strangers with unrecognisable faces look through them with revulsion Intrusive beings do not care about the symbolism of privacy Yet, they extravagantly draw an ambitious imagery from arrogant thoughts Leasing out to ridiculous minds that can articulate lies with conviction Occupying the spaces with disdain and … Continue reading Doors


From unknown depths ancient mountains have emerged The ferocious awakening of another world set an unprecedented change Dynamic perspectives cling on the fierce looking facets How was that space accommodated to compensate for the shift Mighty hands may be directing the rhythmic movement of Earth Stirring the layers of different consciousness through space Sky mirrors the depths in a mysteriously placid canvas  It’s deceiving, when … Continue reading Depths


Those ill-fitting shoes may give too much space Or, extremely tight, causing bunions Hands that tanned the leather altered their nature Shaped according to the journey Laces as harnesses, who ever dreamt of manoeuvring Through the hostile terrains and vulnerability Weathering the downpour Filled to the brim, while attending to the Trench feet Excesses take revenge on exposed skin Waiting for the Sun; recuperating may … Continue reading Shoes


Water flees from the torment of footsteps Deep indentations are reminders  Scant dampness reveals the vanishing truth Seeds many not have found their fate Hibernating for now Misshapen Time prey upon fate Scythes sever the lifelines Emotions have been prisoners Coarse mirrors wake up suddenly With the wave of sinister hands Reflecting a disdainful reality Many more footsteps draw a plan Only future knows the … Continue reading Footsteps

Distorted Reflections

Misinterpreted reflections smudge the landscape of existence Blemishes of incoherence drag the simple lines along unsettled roads Sewn into a twisted tale of convoluted words between parallel tracks Languages burn the truth while minds are busy contemplating deviously Eyes squint from the excessive glare of lies spreading to untouched territories Lunatics desire the inferno that can sustain those burning desires of power Bones resemble dry … Continue reading Distorted Reflections


Sky weighs upon the thoughts that have not matured enough Hiding under the flimsy umbrella isn’t going to allow much relief Thick clouds embolden the open space in exerting pressure Weak knees unable to bear the undeniable challenges   Silhouettes quiver throughout the nervous moments that prevails Not enough teeth for the roots to chew off unnecessary offshoots Accumulation of negativity does not allow life … Continue reading Burdensome

Eyes Realise

Cavernous eyes threaten to swallow the images in frenzy Wide open, in anticipation of more precise reflection of existence Hearts of the eyes agonisingly bear untruthful display of emotions Distressed eyelashes sway melancholically over this discomfort Chapped lips indicate the rapidly drying rivers of sentiments Shrivelled heart does not have enough strength to mourn Naked lies have caricatured the entire narrative lusciously ~Amitav Continue reading Eyes Realise

It’s a Reality

Time breaks down into numerous bright stars Magical transformation decorates the velvety darkness Details are revealed through celestial eyes  It’s an extravagant symphony that reverberates Appear before the mirrors reflecting dynamic images Settle down before inviting the soul to speak Flowing mystery joins the confluence of tributaries Night being consciously mirrored with love It’s an awareness graciously absorbed by the heart A fire that illuminates … Continue reading It’s a Reality

Dwelling on Uncertainties

Colour of walls transform according to the prevailing sentiments Shut doors imprison them till they squabble and find answers Changing masks from the choices that are displayed by mirrors Languishing phones do not stir due to lack of messages from the world House becomes busy clicking pictures of every possible mood  Framed reminders in every room as the inhabitants ponder Trying to get hold of … Continue reading Dwelling on Uncertainties