Dreams Matter

Dreams; supposed to be comfortable but also exciting enough To keep awake the protagonist, who is eagerly waiting for sleep Are they completely his to acquire? No infringement whatsoever Without battling any claims from anyone or indisputable If there aren’t any accusations of a Faustian deal, it’s commendable  Without invoking the legacy of Hades; the uneasy appeasement Wealth paraded naked as eyes glisten with aroused … Continue reading Dreams Matter

The Insufficient Explanations

‘The way you want it…’ takes time to emerge from clutches of unnecessary obedience It is courageous to kill time and look for meaning in the void; an outrageous living, away from busyness and set objectives Compartmentalised for easy discrimination; that is the purpose of obstinate achievements The hubris is evident in the everyday evaluations of success There are these fences and limitations erected to … Continue reading The Insufficient Explanations

Uneasy Silence

Silence may not be the best ever disguise For those who adopt this with uneasiness Scornful eyes speak in harshest language Indifferent to any possible conversation As vicious colour of paleness afflicts heart Cracking knuckles yells profanity Nervousness within speaks obdurately Fear lurking behind a frail demeanour Not all silence is competent strategist Animosity is a formidable enemy Weakening the physical passion Savage provocateur erects … Continue reading Uneasy Silence

The Silent One Who Speaks

Stolid face; for stones cannot utter languages at will Maybe the perception of an onlooker trying to identify the Muse Details in the folds of a face narrates a story Eyes too stare at the inquiring eyes of the passers-by Why suffer boredom? Instead, silence can be translated Stillness should not deter the heart to start a conversation Think of the noise of chiselling and … Continue reading The Silent One Who Speaks

While Walking Silently

Walking patiently among the confusion that persists for long Allowing not the multitude of sounds to distract the meditation Accepting the greetings of solemn faces without being perturbed A rivulet within is wishing to soften the dry surfaces of struggle Being alive to the desires and enjoyment from spirit of life The roots will be strengthened and branches won’t be bare Listening keenly to the … Continue reading While Walking Silently

Not a Dream Anymore

If it is only in a dream, it feels metaphysical There is a yearning to fulfil the desires Eyes become busy seeking that path Heart beats faster with excitement Light peeks mischievously through a veil Emerging from the shadows of intermission Night’s lullaby is barely audible Rising chants of new day rush ahead New energy wakes up sleepy Earth Faith extends the loving arms Reclaim … Continue reading Not a Dream Anymore

Forever is Hope

How comfortable is it holding your breath? When weary from inhaling the toxic emanations Fear of death does not fidget with the heart It’s a momentary pause before contemplations new Faith in nature for all its glorious offerings In times of extreme dryness and exhaustion Soul does dwell on the eternal nature  Prayers echo within to awaken a change Well prepared to face a transformation? … Continue reading Forever is Hope

Explanations not Enough

The inaccuracies exist in spite of all the fervent explanations Longingly, the convoluted lines tell similar stories to enwrap minds Efficiently improving upon lies; the ultimate investigative gaffes Voices behind the words are rarely accessible for a dialogue Frantic dreams of legitimising existence with audacious claims But leave it to posterity to reveal the truth from collection of deception The last word will trigger a … Continue reading Explanations not Enough