There is a void created from absence of feelings  Presence of body not adorned with delightful essence of life Contradictions arise with the soul forced to compromise  Worldly reasons justifies the narrative with vacuous words  Reflecting the weaker and unenthusiastic existence  Clarity presents genuine concerns that are stepped on  How desperate it must be to cling to unreasonable ideologies  ~Amitav  Continue reading Absence 


There is no chance of accepting any reality that is narrated in a disguised voice. Few jumbled words placed erroneously to create a convincing imagery; such audacious plans appear extremely amateurish. Sounds travel through a complicated labyrinth, willingly misguided the heart’s calling. Impish ones are loud enough to shatter peace. What’s life without grace and procrastination for the sake of delayed response in  hurried world? … Continue reading Chances