Sometimes turning the blank pages is all it takes to inspire a thought 

What can the untouched spaces offer  that communicates profoundly?

Maybe, not engaging with any other thought and being loyal to the mind spells magic

It is that dimension of existence that opens its doors to solitary thoughtfulness 

Such ideas are rarely being translated with seriousness 

Always, that reality of creativity which the writer has to accept 

It’s a relationship with the universe that is unspoken and undeciphered 

Let the pen do justice and energise the words with true sentiments 

Staring at nothingness can surprise the uneventful day 


10 thoughts on “Sometimes 

  1. My mind is a creative land mine that can torture me at times. I love being unique but that voice of self-doubt can push the writing back to a thought. I am trying to find peace with the simple (EASY TO AQUIRE) due to being tangible or just the energy my mind creates. Happiness is an inside job but so hard to get admittance with a VIP pass.

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