A Ploy

It’s a ploy of the night to seek out solitary souls When wandering by the day has not been pleasant A gentle nudge by the moon to initiate a dialogue Rejected by the busyness, it’s time to talk passionately Transformation of dark carves a comforting abode Walking aimlessly through passage of eternity Secrets to be shared enthusiastically with stars While some may disintegrate into nothingness … Continue reading A Ploy

Misplaced Words

How often the words are replaced to leave a sighing gap All, for the superficial conversations that emerge winner Undeserving lines stealthily violate the honest sentiments Consequences can be of any nature amidst unnatural languages Hunger to be right satiate the heart that seeks dominance Arguments decimate the sanctity of truthful communication Conscience becomes an uneasy spectator of wilful dereliction It’s a failure that life … Continue reading Misplaced Words