Why do we believe the narrative of Time? The inability to recognise reality Searching for few moments of reliability Translations of celestial language is misunderstood Journeying through vague ideas  Faith is abandoned too early  Carrying that image of what isn’t Ephemeral intensity restrains development Dwarfed moments of life Eyes stare unwittingly at the definitions  Changing ideologies every other day Living beyond the authentic Uniqueness dissolves Accelerating … Continue reading Waning

Without Freedom

Birthed are copious narratives of the tempestuous world  Thunders incessantly to create deep fissures around Keeps awake the fear in so many houses where Spirits curled Dreams are trampled in their nascent stage lay bare the wound Distressed echoes travel to the darkest corners of netherworld Weakening sunlight unable to defeat the persistent gloominess Morning pallor transforms life as incessant tirades are hurled Tottering steps and … Continue reading Without Freedom