Creating a Space

Diminished opportunities Shrinking spaces  Mind perceives lavishly Still hopeful for a miracle Settling for lesser opinions Never the soul’s choice Exaggerated mediocrity Fail to emphasise  Hide the anomalies Of greedy endorsements Vulgar exhibitionism Casualties in every Age Torrential networking Satiating egos Truth clings from sunbeams Clouds disappear There’s always hope Pillars of reality  Firmly placed on foundations Divinity and beliefs Perseverance prevails Acclaimed by the Universe … Continue reading Creating a Space

Some Scribbling and Sensibilities

Scribbled in anonymity The words adorn a cubby-hole They may appear small Rather insignificant Encompasses the world Observing the humankind Their stories Gather here for solace To find some reprieve Or, a mention Here, the pen is sacred Words revered Voicing concerns Opinions of the powerful Drown genuine echoes Essential lies Buoy the world of power Once embraced  Oddities become natural Perverse grandeur  Fluid existence … Continue reading Some Scribbling and Sensibilities