Frail Connections

Connection influenced by the quality of dreams

Based on the daily diet of absurdity; not defined at first, but eventually grows in stature

To fill the mind and dictate every choice from a formidable position

Trying to emulate the geniuses who have surrendered to the ultimate madness

These absurdist ideas are frail shadows dancing around the borders of genuine comprehension; loud and shameless braggarts

Now that lunacy has been misunderstood and taken advantage off by the vacuous ones

Unwilling to touch the depths and seek in ultimate darkness, after silent surrender

So many stories appear, only to evaporate in no time; adulterated ink essay weakness

Trying to portray a formidable vanity, displayed through fake dazzles of haughtiness

World defines the truly knowledgeable as neurotics; fear of being challenged  

Cribbing blatantly in an effort to construct the fanciful bridge between the abyss


6 thoughts on “Frail Connections

  1. I love the way you write, my interpretation was past partners I had based on EGO, neediness, denial and living a lie (on both parts) and I think one of the worst parts is when those dramatic, impactive control based connections and you have to see how you lost at losing (so to speak) loll

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