Effortless Dreams

As the heart is mesmerised by fresh jasmine Mind reflects on nature’s perfumer at work Aroma Divine! Pulls my spirit towards a dream Ensuring me of rejuvenating my life Let the fragrance play with my unassuming senses I can hear the echoes of laughter Imagine, holding few flowers to offer a prayer It’s a humble dream of loving embrace Hearing the hushed tone of assuring … Continue reading Effortless Dreams

The Confusion

Does the mind discriminate shadows? Depending on the nature of light- natural or artificial Looking for imperfections in their appearances Blaming it on intensity and willingness to caress reality Our meanings of life are so many They are jostling for space and recognition Listening to each other- that may be debatable Brave enough to create controversies  Now that eyes have lost focus of the shadows It … Continue reading The Confusion