The Confusion

Does the mind discriminate shadows?

Depending on the nature of light- natural or artificial

Looking for imperfections in their appearances

Blaming it on intensity and willingness to caress reality

Our meanings of life are so many

They are jostling for space and recognition

Listening to each other- that may be debatable

Brave enough to create controversies 

Now that eyes have lost focus of the shadows

It is easier considering other distractions

Darkness can be an ally, but light may spoil the relationship

Stolen dreams are demeaning

Tirelessly driving the shadows towards despair

Still adjusting the light 

Preferably shying from the natural sources

Meanings change every waking hour

Dreaming about sanctity of existence

Other than running away from reality, we created one

Confidently believing the shadows

Perfection or imperfection engage warring minds


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