The Beginning is Ambiguous

When exactly we start dealing with aspirations, without even realising the spelling of this word is a mystery; apart from that, the immaturity we have about its origin and exploits in context of society and ongoing communication.

It isn’t everything about formal education but the conditioning of the mind from leaning ideologies with which we have surrounded ourselves with. Mostly we prefer leaning against the fences and feel the comfort of idling away time; anytime perceived to be a better proposition, compared to the struggles of creating and owning an original one.

There’s always an enthusiastic excuse of Time and Age that limits the courage of a heart which otherwise could have brilliantly ignored the fashionable consideration of flogging the repetitive thoughts.

How innovative one has to be to brew a cup of tea or coffee now that they have been around for so long? Spare some thought for those who had that comprehension and brave character which allowed them to try both for the first time; they could well have been poisonous.  Well, let’s give some credit when one can manage to steal some fire in the middle of nowhere to prepare a cuppa.

Now that these reflections over a cup of coffee or tea are common, according to one’s preference, we can thank them for introducing such elixirs. Even if common sense lay dormant, we cannot deny the invigorating experiences of such deep introspection at times of lethargy, well, of the brain; there is no denying the fact that they definitely increase the enthusiasm of shunning the escapist way of life.

In fact, we do not escape; it’s a fallacy. The more we gather the courage to escape from reality that bites our conscience we create one more fence and dig deeper to strengthen the possibility of a formidable boundary. Only if there was freedom in such rebellion!

The best one can do is, arrange a trampoline to view the world that is fenced from originality and courage to discover its adventures. It takes us nowhere, just a perception of activity where actually the feet are restricted to venture beyond.

When do we inadvertently lie down on the bed of education? Listening to the drone that performs acupuncture on the mind till the time one is convinced of the importance of existing as per rules.

In reality, the moral principles start instructing the feet to stay away from philandering with the world that is more beautiful without the unworthy embellishments.

Mislaid enthusiasm along the way carves detours; it’s considered a success when such a journey actually jolts every step and their impact causes the constitution to suffer pain from dislocation. That bed of education does not provide any rest at this hour, but the needled brain is pressurised to limp away anyhow to the destination marked by someone else.

The brightest light is stubbed prematurely to initiate a world of dark thoughts; entirely, a plan to enlighten the consciousness with false propaganda. Dreams of regret and distrust are instilled so that there are enough chasms to traverse in a lifetime.

Every rebellion is perceived to be too erotic. Lasciviously the heart and mind seek that pleasure in fondling the unreal emotions to plan an escape. There is no more embarrassment in dealing with the disconcerting ideas which are lucrative as well as satiates the vacuous heart.

It seems we have been reading the erroneous literature and considering such juvenile interpretations are spawning enough misinformation about the culture of life. Only parroting the words, and callously composing narratives with a loosely woven plot that fails to cloak the glaring mistakes and overzealous attempt to influence the pseudo-intellectual community.

It’s after all, the difference between educated judgements and natural consciousness. Although, the narrow perspectives and learned behaviour fit perfectly in the carefully moulded society. The patterns are visibly outrageous but the eyes have been trained well not to go beyond the facades.

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