The Possibilities

Is it possible staying afloat in a boat of memories while going downstream? Mind acts as the frantic oarsman with the responsibility of maintaining a balance It is time to feel the spirit of deepest levels that are inspiring the current Time to withdraw from distractions and look around the cavern of unfulfilled dreams Life comes rushing with immense force to sweep the boat towards … Continue reading The Possibilities

Intoxicating Pride

Conscious diatribes aren’t effective to shame the obvious uselessness A profitable companionship cannot be split by words of honest jurisprudence The delirium becomes concentrated and settles comfortably in minds If it is about the desire to possess the inessential to win a war against wisdom Wants are quantified by the irreversible casualties of humaneness Impatience to create another Paradise is ambitiously reflected in mortal idleness … Continue reading Intoxicating Pride

The Structures

Everything seems to be a barrier; the decorated architectures were never meant to blend, but a way to differentiate the present from past. The resilient structures are intricately embellished to narrate inspiring stories. The architecture of any age reflected duality with candid confessions and cryptic hieroglyphics inspired by the culture of that Period. Tremendous respect for space allowed the free voices to echo genuine concerns. … Continue reading The Structures