The Possibilities

Is it possible staying afloat in a boat of memories while going downstream?

Mind acts as the frantic oarsman with the responsibility of maintaining a balance

It is time to feel the spirit of deepest levels that are inspiring the current

Time to withdraw from distractions and look around the cavern of unfulfilled dreams

Life comes rushing with immense force to sweep the boat towards turbulent waters

The Horizon offers clarity with new light of morning and celestial magic

Without the fear of drowning it’s time to hold on to the memories with faith

This is a phenomenon of intersecting stars creating the protective convoy of messengers

Surviving the sharp descent with dignity by truthfully honouring the precious moments

Greatest dangers are erased by resilience and the will to reach cosmic prominence


4 thoughts on “The Possibilities

  1. Hello Amitav! Been a while since I found my way to your page. Apologies! Hope all’s well at your end. And this piece…it takes me back to every situation in life where there was a crossroad and I had to make a choice!

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      1. Things are well, thanks. Life has been busy past few months but I am back to writing on my blog as well. Had taken a bit of a break but I realize without any writing it’s more difficult dealing with the stress. Writing is my stress buster 🙂

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      2. I completely agree with that. Writing is, after all, such a fantastic way to express things which we may not communicate so well in our day to day busy life. Blank pages are always a welcome break to pen down the thoughts.


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