The Structures

Everything seems to be a barrier; the decorated architectures were never meant to blend, but a way to differentiate the present from past. The resilient structures are intricately embellished to narrate inspiring stories.

The architecture of any age reflected duality with candid confessions and cryptic hieroglyphics inspired by the culture of that Period.

Tremendous respect for space allowed the free voices to echo genuine concerns. Their foundations allow them to reflect the past grandeur and to also effectively influence the language of today’s architecture.

In this unknown corner of the planet, there has always been a tradition to honour genuine voices; they could speak without fear of the prevailing sentiments of society that required immediate attention.

Discussions of progressive culture to promote Art and Literature through fair participation were initiated by the Guardians. Impartiality of children was passionately kept alive to consolidate the youthful enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the present is dictated by their plans and desires to accommodate the distant and unknown hearts adjacently. Communications have become emaciated; lacking the vigour of simplicity and genuine concern to listen to heartfelt dialogues.

Is it about the prevailing sentiments of mass communication or miss communication? After all, the ‘I’ effectively influenced the essence of expression through proposals. The amount of space available to manoeuvre our thoughts is influenced by bonhomie we share with each other as a society.

It is the people who are convinced to execute a plan while shaping the skyline with structures that will be displayed. How freely do we choose our fortune? The pantomime reaches a frenzy when ideas within revolt and ignites a conversation to analyse and clarify the ongoing failure to communicate.

The magnanimous heart is always willing to accommodate by erasing the constraints of petty perceptions. They do not drag ideas that are potentially harmful to a peaceful existence.  The idea is not to press those ears against the walls to overhear private conversations. There has always been and always will be the urge to eavesdrop and form silent opinions; they usually build a wall around common sense.

We are inadvertently plotting horoscopes that are contrary to the spirit of this Universe. It is as if the algorithms have been carefully planned to limit the steps. The cavalier attitude does help to attain a fair degree of structure, within which the sparring discussions are translated in a congenial manner to construct arguments favourably for the future generation.

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