A Story Away from Reality

When given the freedom to imagine, the most difficult choice is to bravely take that challenge of allowing the mind to experience such ideas that may be too powerful and transformative. It’s a fateful moment, while accepting or rejecting the hour that itself begins with the mind being placed at the mercy of an unknown situation; a hypothetical time can be as real in this imaginary journey.

The beginning of a story always starts with palpable nervousness and the fear of failure; it’s the psychology to prove that one’s choice will not be in vain, and the possibility of defining the future journey stares sternly at the deepest core of the eyes, where anxious thoughts have settled down to deliberate.

Nervous eyes try to look as far as possible to find some comfort from the setting sun. It’s the time to solve the riddle posed by the Universe. Is it supposed to be a dawn in reverse? A turn of fortune in a way perceived to be the time to settle down, a new opportunity knocks at the heart.

The omen of a night guides the soul to prepare a new line to describe an anonymous journey; of which the first few arguments carry the responsibility of deciding on the narrative.

Preparing to walk through the darkness of revelation one has to avoid the orthodoxy of thinking. It’s a magical moment where the Elements of the Universe will be ignited with an intense light to start a new response and theory. Assembled in a new structure, they will communicate with a new language to reveal the possibilities of exploring the cosmos. The alterations leave life with realisation of a different kind; it takes time to settle with the eccentric vibes.

From now on the dreams will be dissociated from the usual reality and a journey of (ab) normal will continue to lay out an outrageously exhilarating whirligig. The judgemental theories can be left behind and the apprehensions of not imagining enough can be unburdened from the tired mind.

This is the time to save the consciousness from being flooded with those foolish thoughts that threaten to drown the sacred place. Everyday savings of ideas are not enough to maintain a decent conversation with the unreasonable characters. Let’s not squander the moment of redemption.

What’s the use of staying is a furnished house which lacks the warmth to comfort a heart that has to face the hostile world? Running after a phantom idea of life is enough to slow down the reflexes.

Only facing the half-wit critics who have nothing to offer other than harsh words without thinking through a situation and bellowing like a madman across the halls of infamy.

This will be a swift decision to drift away from such ignominy and the daily struggle of being unable to tell the truth as there are no real sympathisers around. It’s a lonely world and it’s time to adjust the vision away from temptations.

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