The Silent One Who Speaks

Stolid face; for stones cannot utter languages at will Maybe the perception of an onlooker trying to identify the Muse Details in the folds of a face narrates a story Eyes too stare at the inquiring eyes of the passers-by Why suffer boredom? Instead, silence can be translated Stillness should not deter the heart to start a conversation Think of the noise of chiselling and … Continue reading The Silent One Who Speaks

While Walking Silently

Walking patiently among the confusion that persists for long Allowing not the multitude of sounds to distract the meditation Accepting the greetings of solemn faces without being perturbed A rivulet within is wishing to soften the dry surfaces of struggle Being alive to the desires and enjoyment from spirit of life The roots will be strengthened and branches won’t be bare Listening keenly to the … Continue reading While Walking Silently