While Walking Silently

Walking patiently among the confusion that persists for long

Allowing not the multitude of sounds to distract the meditation

Accepting the greetings of solemn faces without being perturbed

A rivulet within is wishing to soften the dry surfaces of struggle

Being alive to the desires and enjoyment from spirit of life

The roots will be strengthened and branches won’t be bare

Listening keenly to the speaking of nature that is often unheard

Erasing the hindrances while sorting out an uneasy relationship

Freedom to roam without confusion delights the countenance

Nature celebrates the canvas where myriad hues express life

Contentment will bathe the soul when confusions depart

Everything looks brighter without the opaque thoughts

Feeling the verdant frolic reverberate across a revived soul

This space isn’t vacant anymore but full of vibrant emotions