A Story Away from Reality

When given the freedom to imagine, the most difficult choice is to bravely take that challenge of allowing the mind to experience such ideas that may be too powerful and transformative. It’s a fateful moment, while accepting or rejecting the hour that itself begins with the mind being placed at the mercy of an unknown situation; a hypothetical time can be as real in this … Continue reading A Story Away from Reality

The Possibilities

Is it possible staying afloat in a boat of memories while going downstream? Mind acts as the frantic oarsman with the responsibility of maintaining a balance It is time to feel the spirit of deepest levels that are inspiring the current Time to withdraw from distractions and look around the cavern of unfulfilled dreams Life comes rushing with immense force to sweep the boat towards … Continue reading The Possibilities

Intoxicating Pride

Conscious diatribes aren’t effective to shame the obvious uselessness A profitable companionship cannot be split by words of honest jurisprudence The delirium becomes concentrated and settles comfortably in minds If it is about the desire to possess the inessential to win a war against wisdom Wants are quantified by the irreversible casualties of humaneness Impatience to create another Paradise is ambitiously reflected in mortal idleness … Continue reading Intoxicating Pride

The Structures

Everything seems to be a barrier; the decorated architectures were never meant to blend, but a way to differentiate the present from past. The resilient structures are intricately embellished to narrate inspiring stories. The architecture of any age reflected duality with candid confessions and cryptic hieroglyphics inspired by the culture of that Period. Tremendous respect for space allowed the free voices to echo genuine concerns. … Continue reading The Structures

Ineffective Correspondence

Naive tutoring wishes to influence the words to propound slight ideas Only suitable to fill the hollow spaces created by egotist voices Misfortune, the language is stripped of its sincere robes Communication isn’t about being vociferous among acquaintances Reading out; when the intellectuals have relied on reading in When every publication becomes a drivel and reviews are unhealthy It is sinful victimising the true essence … Continue reading Ineffective Correspondence

Of City Thoughts

Impassive houses jostling for space, only for recognition Today, the drenched walls express city’s despair Shroud of glamour soaked in overflowing emotions A stoic evening exposes the insensibility Glassful of extravaganza insufficiently hides the woes Future promises are coloured with suspicion Emptied heart wishes for some truthful talk Ambitious instructions are cunning enough to mislead ~Amitav Continue reading Of City Thoughts

The Beginning is Ambiguous

When exactly we start dealing with aspirations, without even realising the spelling of this word is a mystery; apart from that, the immaturity we have about its origin and exploits in context of society and ongoing communication. It isn’t everything about formal education but the conditioning of the mind from leaning ideologies with which we have surrounded ourselves with. Mostly we prefer leaning against the … Continue reading The Beginning is Ambiguous

Speaking of Courage

There is no compulsion to accept the lessened reality Spare some time for the mind to use wisdom and decide Unlikely, someone else’s truth actually reflect conviction Freedom is beneficial for the soul to prosper in eternity Depreciated realities form plateaus of insipid existence Imagining without being influenced in always fearless Even the remembrances shine with natural facets A real botheration to engage with fatigued … Continue reading Speaking of Courage

In-between the Words and Pause

The irrepressible wind is playful and somehow entered the lazy room. During an afternoon siesta, after long hours of struggle with the pen, Ryan carelessly kept the diary half open. An intruder, the wind is already curious and turns the pages randomly; they wake up from the slumber and urged to narrate the freshly written story. A soul is completely unaware of the stealthy intruder … Continue reading In-between the Words and Pause