Contrary Opinions

It may be the lethargic fingers Or, the deliberate wall of perceptions Reading through the ill coloured goggles Dissecting with unsterilized scalpels Taking a stand over weak analyses Incoherent diagnosis of asymptomatic ideas This is where those lines fail To rein in the exuberant bundle of thoughts Till the time healthy ones are stricken with fear The emotions between the pages Lose their vibrant outlook … Continue reading Contrary Opinions

Emphatic Silence

Confessions made in silence are difficult to refute Looking at the eyes and their ever changing directions prove enough The fascinations of the heart clearly reflected in the gaze No more unnecessary dialogues and cavorting assurances My sentiments may not be rich but their honesty undeniable For, those words may sound beleaguered against false bravado A curious pilgrim’s seeking and wanderings unfathomable Some of the chipped … Continue reading Emphatic Silence

Let that be the Course

Not sure, if my contemplations went on for too long Missed the youth to express myself with adequate sentiments Searching for the right words and times of sincere commitments Or, maybe the right moments never occurred that early Is it poetic justice for those times which tried to consume the soul With apparitions luring away the heart towards conclusions They were in cahoots while attempting … Continue reading Let that be the Course

Dreams Maybe

A city sprouts magically To the demands and stares Branches of dreams Modern day wizardry Cauldron of ideas Fueled by absurdities Dream or no dream Borrowed or defined lazy Uncaring, not to participate In the madness Therefore, a chance To abdicate to the powers Fanciful networks Busy streets are complicated Housemates are clueless No more reflections From lost sheen of life Normalcy of busyness Creating … Continue reading Dreams Maybe

‘Tis the Confusion

Contrary to the dreams, the wearied city stares askew Shrunken soul with muted response to the broken promises Evaporating innocence aren’t even held by the firmament Vanishing somewhere in the deep dark cosmic caverns While dancing to the tunes of the Fool’s songs There is that wave of rhythm drowning the senses Love is at war perennially while heart yearn for some reprieve Constant woes … Continue reading ‘Tis the Confusion

A Sign

Eclipsed prophecies are not unknown anymore Freed by the crescentic reality  Impartial moments such as these are destined Even with closed eyes dreams are truer Obsequious thoughts no more bind a heart Sky absorbs the pessimistic fervour Celestial orbs communicate with a seeker Life will surge with purity of thoughts Eyes askance read the frequency of cosmos Prescience whispers the mantra of life ~Amitav Continue reading A Sign


Without definitions Nobody’s imagination Of a stultified world Nothingness is desired Dreams are mine Freedom eternal Overlooked Not overwritten Thinking In congruence With my heart Erasing fine prints Journey with Honest footprint Broader perspectives Limitless hours Of introspection Without anchors Of perceptions Continuous flow Restful course Destinations arrive They disappear Eternity’s truth ~Amitav Continue reading Without


Continuous drivel cannot absorb the urge to seek  For a language that can spell the Soul without faults Tongue imprisoned by words of absolute insensitivity Pity the mayhem?  There isn’t any pattern to the dissonant voices Death of dreams- a responsibility shunned by perpetrators It’s unmanly to hide the failures behind mawkish faces Triumph of wrong illegitimately marches ahead Earth isn’t hopeless but those irascible … Continue reading Contemplations

Through Dreams

Dreams have struggled to stay afloat Immoralities drowned them in white noise Awry mind wishes to neaten the sleep Half-sunk eyes reflect through undulations Searching for freshness beyond the brine Possibilities keep alive the relevance When the horizon is suspended precariously One moment of truth can save the soul Scrawny branches of winter are far off One has to journey through different slumber ~Amitav Continue reading Through Dreams

In Convenience

Wish it was not convenience Eyes could have studied the feelings One cannot return to a desecrated place To willingly arrange things Wipe out the memories that are etched Length of time has gone beyond reason It’s inconvenient to walk in reverse direction While a mind is busy looking for a solution Deep emotions aren’t even neighbours There’s no space for love in retrospection Friendship … Continue reading In Convenience