Too Soon

A fresh day ripens too soon Just the mornings set the tone An unnatural chemistry Listen carefully, To the confessions Forgotten names Deliberate numbers Calculate the worthiness Automobile noises Screaming billboards That’s called articulation! So innovative, The designs and creativity To paint the town Frantic movements Crisscrossing the streets Look at the pattern Titles are frivolous Among coerced narratives Voice of masses Trying to speak … Continue reading Too Soon

Inimical Time

Broken lights and scattered emotions Both touch the dusty lands; fading time Display fate, being cradled in darkness Love disappears hurriedly, there’s mayhem In the lonely corridors; furrowed anger Written evidence of undesired foibles Love, misunderstood and used as a ploy Emphasised syllables are not in sync Broken sentiments echo unrhythmically The silenced spirit screams in a hollow Mournful waves threaten to wipe off life … Continue reading Inimical Time