Passé- Finding Relevance

The cheerfulness of rain is misunderstood by a busy city Abbreviated addresses and definite roads have scarce opportunity For rains to usher that forgotten happiness from abundance Miserly heart hold on to the edified dreams What gladdens the soul is not sacrosanct, but wishes are borrowed Rare idle moments to welcome rains amidst fury of life Paper boats have been obliterated by aggressive ships How … Continue reading Passé- Finding Relevance

Spirit of Light

The power of Sunlight is unrealised in the surge of anguish It is the waking of a body that will be rushed through the day, Without any mercy of a comfortable morning; an irresistible fate The inability to communicate with the wordless dreams Crumpled emotions lay scattered; unmindfully stepped over, Seeking the circuitous path leading to an irreversible existence Irresistible fate lives an extraneous truth  … Continue reading Spirit of Light