Passé- Finding Relevance

The cheerfulness of rain is misunderstood by a busy city

Abbreviated addresses and definite roads have scarce opportunity

For rains to usher that forgotten happiness from abundance

Miserly heart hold on to the edified dreams

What gladdens the soul is not sacrosanct, but wishes are borrowed

Rare idle moments to welcome rains amidst fury of life

Paper boats have been obliterated by aggressive ships

How can a child enjoy the journey through congested roads?

Schooled strictly by curbing the natural enthusiasm

Missing the divine showers and chance to live uncurbed freedom

Who can be held responsible for trespassing?

Gloomy faces and irritable dialogues highlights the drama

Numbers will be deducted- from the child and adult alike

Rains will be chided if the evaluations of life are not good enough

Nature has to seek permission of city dwellers or face their wrath


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