Spirit of Light

The power of Sunlight is unrealised in the surge of anguish

It is the waking of a body that will be rushed through the day,

Without any mercy of a comfortable morning; an irresistible fate

The inability to communicate with the wordless dreams

Crumpled emotions lay scattered; unmindfully stepped over,

Seeking the circuitous path leading to an irreversible existence

Irresistible fate lives an extraneous truth 

Weakened light, through numerous filters of weak communication

Living in the horror of silence; there are listless speculations,

Trying to absolve life of heart-pounding reality

Lip tries to utter an assertive no; alas! The waves of urgency

Spirit of competitiveness weakened with ineptness of comprehension,

Where one can gather that handful of sunlight? Reversing the failing Spirit

Joy, gratitude, beauty, compassion, and kindness with dawn of life

Listening carefully to a prescient voice to revive the spirit of Light


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