Persistent Times

If not for those thoughts that scythe the overgrown enthusiasm One would not have been cautiously counting the hours Dreaming of a pretty day with ornate designs and pure gaiety Away from the stench of smoke and toppled glasses of spirits Disoriented conversations and unrealised dreams sodden in melancholy Acts of diffidence glows with each puff of cigarettes Burnt fingers are affirmations of being resilient … Continue reading Persistent Times

If that is Poetry

One does not assemble a verse Are they just instinctive flow of words? Eyes hide behind assumptions Interpretations are awry Understand, but do well to stop There’s surprise Anonymity Obscurity Surreality Eternity (depends) How tenacious are they? Those emotions Implied narratives Do not lament If words are surprising (Known as vocabulary) Dig deeper Lose the mind in a labyrinth The chaos is dramatic Sweat it … Continue reading If that is Poetry

It’s Just Loud

It’s unreasonable drowning in the loudness Self-sacrificed silence; listening to anxious voices Igniting a firestorm Sensing that pride of listeners Eyes glaringly reflect unhallowed emotions Quietened heart insulted with profanities Where has intellectualism gone? Weaknesses have triggered enough conflicts Callow minds fail to interpret Feeble seeds of desire wish to thrive Loudness is the defense of anti-intellectuals Difficult surviving the waves of intense insolence Nature’s … Continue reading It’s Just Loud