If that is Poetry

One does not assemble a verse

Are they just instinctive flow of words?

Eyes hide behind assumptions

Interpretations are awry

Understand, but do well to stop

There’s surprise




Eternity (depends)

How tenacious are they?

Those emotions

Implied narratives

Do not lament

If words are surprising

(Known as vocabulary)

Dig deeper

Lose the mind in a labyrinth

The chaos is dramatic

Sweat it out

No bylanes

To brood over misinterpretations

Let the mind wander

Like an enthusiastic child

Gain insight; its practice

Read, re-read

Be surprised and shocked

Poets are enigmatic

Assumptions collapse

Readers complete

A mystery or emotions

By reading aloud

Poetry echoes

But do not outline

And define

Allow the verses to breathe

Poet has taken the initiative to speak

To the reader(s)

Just not usual conversation

Be open to surprises

Poetry is rewarding

Lose yourself in the flow


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