Persistent Times

If not for those thoughts that scythe the overgrown enthusiasm

One would not have been cautiously counting the hours

Dreaming of a pretty day with ornate designs and pure gaiety

Away from the stench of smoke and toppled glasses of spirits

Disoriented conversations and unrealised dreams sodden in melancholy

Acts of diffidence glows with each puff of cigarettes

Burnt fingers are affirmations of being resilient in tough times

Dealing with insufficient directions; experiencing the waywardness

Handsome faces and enduring genes suffer continuous onslaught

Contradictions are birthed for every possible thought 

Invades the skin and even deeper, accentuating silent pain

Introspection with trembling hands and soothsayers assurances

Also, sharpening the machete reflections to clear the haze

Settling for simple opinions and clarity

Blithe faces and triumphant souls will celebrate pretty days ahead


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