To Live with

Worried, the dreams that have not been realised Stepped on or pushed aside In whose company the desires have been marked? One who thought or thinks is ridiculed Looser! Still not part of the bandwagon Depreciating thoughts of rusted wreckages Satisfied? It must be assuring to follow the pattern Every where there’s stagnation Stench of the reflections are overbearing Mediocre choices survive How long? There … Continue reading To Live with


You have not learnt to love The anguish creates ripples on charming serenity Forever, the sighs have expressed feeble concerns It’s not the voice that pines for a soul Feigning passion; musing over inadequate affections Emotional hues of blood is not deep enough Forsaken heart composes an elegy Eyes buried deeper in anguish Love is an innocent visitor Bringing to life those inexperienced feelings ~Amitav Continue reading Forsaken

Surviving Thoughts

If not the mind ruminated on disavowed thoughts From the first faint light to the darkest hours There would have been much more time Without being submerged in unnecessary worries Nebulous times erased from every clock Dreams would have opened up about intrinsic plans ‘Stand back’ says the eyes that seek clarity Live and breathe the simple ideas of universe Go back a few steps … Continue reading Surviving Thoughts