Lights Switched Off

The light had been intoxicating for quite some time Losing their lustre, as speck of lies cohesively form a screen Selfish air is breathed unknowingly A difficult embrace for the lungs to endure Eyes are lost between the worlds of light and dark A compulsion for every heart to have a definite answer About life and its nature; such oversimplification Exalted over the circuitous talks … Continue reading Lights Switched Off

It’s the Night

The tight-lipped night only looks for an assuring repose With the unspoken narratives being tired of a harsh day Let anger be wiped off by the soft muslin night Allowing the dew to settle on the rocks There are millions of reflections of embellished firmament Easier translating the hidden dreams There is no more despair when sharing the failings Night whispers in a dulcet tone … Continue reading It’s the Night

In Waiting

If trust is alien in those eyes that stare inanely Suspicion is stronger in the spirit owing last dues Frankly, the sentiments hidden surge ahead In daylight, there is an essence of undeniable gloom Praying for little conscience to seek past negligence For pure love is not the answer anymore Questions undergo sinister metamorphosis Hold closer the soul and protect the heart and mind From … Continue reading In Waiting