Time to Change

What leads to a crisis? We may never go back in time and identify the cause of many such instances that have contributed to the present disintegration. It is a deconstruction by Time or rather dissection to expose the network of systematic lies to create enough exasperatingly convoluted world.
That which may prompt us to think after being pushed by an idea or accumulating circumstances forces the heart to take a decisionIt may seem to work for that impending moment but lose its importance and efficacy due to its inability to keep pace with new ideas which occupy the mind.
Usually, a crisis lurks around in disguise and intermingles with everyday decisions.
Sometimes, even paralysing the ability to inspect a situation for too long. It is not simple, but complexities of the thought process (a world of conscious and subliminal) that influences the outcome.
Being in complete harmony with time is a myth. It is impossible to analyse its character and keep pace with a dynamic nature.
We defend our decisions based on social acceptance and ideologies that capture the prevailing consciousness.
Identity crises emanate due to the lack of supportive thoughts. It starts with vilifying and pointing fingers to start a premature trial of innocents which later turns into a hostile environment.
It’s an effort to be on the right side of the wrong, and finally, left with a vacuous truth which mocks the credibility. Every lie becomes a necessary truth for the corrupt; an effort to deflect reality towards spiralling crisis.
Who will be held responsible for altering the identity to create a make-belief world? Here, there is acceptance due to conformity. Let’s hold on to what the heart believes in and believe in the identity reflecting a genuine purpose in words and eyes.
It is time to introspect and consolidate, respect everyone’s dream of channelling life towards the rapid transformation of barren ideas.

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