Waiting for a Reply

Your question may not inspire a reply Not an immediate one It takes time to think beyond o’clock And the shadowy philosophy Morning, noon, and night Contemplating how to impose The ideas and beliefs  Hasty questions Disputable minds  Trying to misrepresent freedom A convoluted plot A mirror duel The true reflections obfuscated Let me imagine simply Allowing the questions to seek Not relying on blighted … Continue reading Waiting for a Reply

It’s a Wish

It’s the obscurity of musing heart  Eyes appear to see this heart in different light Lost in the harangue of companions Hoping there is clarity  Array of sentiments fail to communicate Dauntless spirit still wishes for love Amulet protecting from unknown indignations Fervent dreams aspire to be born every day In the invincible cradle of life Let the fire of arguments extinguish Waiting for the … Continue reading It’s a Wish