Some Time

Pull back the night  Dawn isn’t fair enough Time seeks the destined light Recline for few more hours Wait for the bright face Singing in rhythm of life Love is natural radiance Time slows down For the heart can reminisce Restored faith and effulgence Courteous eyes vision a soul Embraced in kindness Softer moments of time Leaves an indelible verse Recited in loneliness Like a … Continue reading Some Time

Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Even before the words start reciting The eyes take that inefficient leap  Confident of overcoming the gap But, there are prolific narratives Series of unexpected surprises Overt creativity and metaphorical geniuses Steps of worldly rhythm incompatible Supposed nonsense with much emphasis Holed up soul in abject condition Given precedence to solitariness Oh! That blockhead Haven’t seen the glitzy world Probably, writing an epitaph What an … Continue reading Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond