Some Voices

It is not about the origin of contemporary voices But about their expression in abundance and vitality Echoes in a restricted space; tossed unnecessarily Assortment of ideas reluctantly beside each other This hour or that, there is always time to be blamed For, miscalculated articulations cannot defend Crispy moments are noisy and extremely delicate Counter-narrative exposes the tension and insecurity Clock gathers the courage to … Continue reading Some Voices

The Essence

It’s my inability to ascertain the nature of morning’s fragrance Still searching for that particular sentiment After all, defining the ever-changing mood of Universe is inconclusive Enticing the senses at early hours with sonorous hymn A vision transcendental and its eminence visible to an early riser Initial stillness holds immense energy of cosmic brilliance Life’s essence waiting to be held closely by a soul Pulsating cosmos … Continue reading The Essence


Anchored in depths of nothingness Nature’s enthusiasm yelling at mirthful heart Uneventful furlough chained to the waves A willing moment guided by the winds Framing dreams when viewed without a window Transfixed eyes keep aside the questions Innermost trepidations are unanswered Energetic wasps sting the restless heart Towards the charming Sun is the only dream Waiting for the inner storm to die down And judge … Continue reading Disconnected