Beyond Lines

The full stop may try to stifle the progress of a sentence

What about the freedom of thoughts?

Freedom is difficult to be confined or punctuated

The period may be the beginning of a new period of ideas

Highlighting the end of an era of incoherent speeches

A dream that is too big for the inverted commas to emphasize

Speech that is not edited or prompted by obstinate thoughts

The hyphen could be a brief intermission

It’s an endeavour of a language to help the storyteller

There will be unnecessary use of question marks

Interrogative voices will eagerly disrupt the flowing thoughts

A perceptive storyteller’s imagery can be unnerving for many

Curious are those men who shorten a sentence

In a rush to end abruptly the profound articulation

Effort to grab those dystopian thoughts; according to conformists

These thoughts will not run after chimaeras

Put a full stop to the debauched imaginations

No more deflected thoughts from obscure speculations

Freedom will breathe without worries, survive the occasional breaches

Incisive tongue will sever the ties with fallacious debates

Evolution of coherence- interactions and communications can breathe


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