Without definitions Nobody’s imagination Of a stultified world Nothingness is desired Dreams are mine Freedom eternal Overlooked Not overwritten Thinking In congruence With my heart Erasing fine prints Journey with Honest footprint Broader perspectives Limitless hours Of introspection Without anchors Of perceptions Continuous flow Restful course Destinations arrive They disappear Eternity’s truth ~Amitav Continue reading Without


Continuous drivel cannot absorb the urge to seek  For a language that can spell the Soul without faults Tongue imprisoned by words of absolute insensitivity Pity the mayhem?  There isn’t any pattern to the dissonant voices Death of dreams- a responsibility shunned by perpetrators It’s unmanly to hide the failures behind mawkish faces Triumph of wrong illegitimately marches ahead Earth isn’t hopeless but those irascible … Continue reading Contemplations

Through Dreams

Dreams have struggled to stay afloat Immoralities drowned them in white noise Awry mind wishes to neaten the sleep Half-sunk eyes reflect through undulations Searching for freshness beyond the brine Possibilities keep alive the relevance When the horizon is suspended precariously One moment of truth can save the soul Scrawny branches of winter are far off One has to journey through different slumber ~Amitav Continue reading Through Dreams