Dreams Maybe

A city sprouts magically To the demands and stares Branches of dreams Modern day wizardry Cauldron of ideas Fueled by absurdities Dream or no dream Borrowed or defined lazy Uncaring, not to participate In the madness Therefore, a chance To abdicate to the powers Fanciful networks Busy streets are complicated Housemates are clueless No more reflections From lost sheen of life Normalcy of busyness Creating … Continue reading Dreams Maybe

‘Tis the Confusion

Contrary to the dreams, the wearied city stares askew Shrunken soul with muted response to the broken promises Evaporating innocence aren’t even held by the firmament Vanishing somewhere in the deep dark cosmic caverns While dancing to the tunes of the Fool’s songs There is that wave of rhythm drowning the senses Love is at war perennially while heart yearn for some reprieve Constant woes … Continue reading ‘Tis the Confusion