‘Tis the Confusion

Contrary to the dreams, the wearied city stares askew

Shrunken soul with muted response to the broken promises

Evaporating innocence aren’t even held by the firmament

Vanishing somewhere in the deep dark cosmic caverns

While dancing to the tunes of the Fool’s songs

There is that wave of rhythm drowning the senses

Love is at war perennially while heart yearn for some reprieve

Constant woes adhere to the cracked walls of the heart

Inane feelings have penetrated the skin and beyond

Of envy and hatred, there are volumes of obscene episodes

Frenzied life wishes to portray the antithesis to a friendly living

Tasted the forbidden dreams, the spasmodic overtures

Plain or simple are withdrawn from the subliminal world

Questioning the rot and loosening grip of the roots

Hearken the astute calling of the chaotic language 

Fumbling tongue cannot utter the purpose with clarity

‘Tis time to dream, but not sure whose entrapment they are


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