Let that be the Course

Not sure, if my contemplations went on for too long

Missed the youth to express myself with adequate sentiments

Searching for the right words and times of sincere commitments

Or, maybe the right moments never occurred that early

Is it poetic justice for those times which tried to consume the soul

With apparitions luring away the heart towards conclusions

They were in cahoots while attempting to usurp the name and existence

Assumptions led to many detours along the exuberant failures

Trying to emulate and practice the sounds uttered by everyone

May not have been legitimate expressions, but popular nonetheless

Those sediments had to be shoveled with urgency

The course that had been stifled had to be freed of apprehensions

Enough of trying to find similarities; truth is I had to stand alone

Feet deeper in the undercurrent of new found direction

Not easy to find that balance and strength to plunge oneself

Towards freedom and confluence of ideas that comes with Spirit

Of hope and fervor to be with the essence of life from dawn to dusk


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