Wall and Beyond

While hiding behind the wall Eyes seem intrigued by the restrictions Ears pressed on the unfeeling bosom Feelings trapped in every fold Feet cannot travel without vision Stuck between tufts of grass Pulsating heart seeks some travel While the mind entangled in a probe A resistance attired in gray Stands firm in face of utter dismay Certainly, the world beyond beckons Not under duress, but … Continue reading Wall and Beyond


They float around to compel Thoughts are too lethal To cut through the trickery Oppressively made dull While those eyes glance Afraid of anyone interfering Pushed towards confines Mala fide treatment Strange idea of inclusiveness Socketed ideologies Deprived of light and air Malodorous intent Attacks the senses Afflicted mannerisms Only a passive existence  Uttering in unison Blunt thoughts propagated From head to foot Arrested in deception … Continue reading Influences


Silence is surprisingly misconstrued Even when masks of sound wear off Absorbed words can be overwhelming Open eyes staring at offensive approach Speaking of taking away the rights From life, a life is offered unsatisfactory A disgrace when unable to choose Imposed speeches utter false nobility A flimsy cloak of freedom is insufficient Hiding behind the recklessness Striking with a sense of vengeance Improper information … Continue reading Thereafter

Beyond this Evening

Initially, colder the dusk may feel Thoughts reflect through ripples of teal Evening guest has dreams in the eye Sentiments of eternity does glorify Tyrannical lights cannot upset a rhythm Hum fades away and a soul can fathom Proud silence comes closer to reality Unknown whisper pushes away the frailty Glory across the sky painted with love Blessings of a soul fulfilled from above Looking … Continue reading Beyond this Evening


Persevering with ignorance in an incredible waste of time Dialogues are designed for wilful distractions of the mind Communications are casualties in the effort to slay reason Voluminous speeches mislead ears to influence the mind Nothing worthy engaging in an argument of asinine nature Worthier would be the ink that encourages a truthful pen Patience and less noise can bring some peace and sense ~Amitav Continue reading Meantime